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Kitty returns home 92 days after the 4/27 tornadoes!

Barbara Miller lost everything she had during the 4/27 tornado that swept through Pleasant Grove, AL. Imagine her excitement, then, to be reunited with both of her cats!

Kit Kat, a grey/blue kitty, was found a few days after the tornado, but “Trouble” was, well … a bit more difficult to find. He was first sighted over a month after the tornado but it -understandably- took some time to gain his trust. With the help of Joni Crowe, who has been faithfully setting up feeding stations for pets in the Pleasant Grove area, Trouble the kitty was captured in a humane trap a full 92 days after the tornado!

Trouble’s first stop? To the vet, of course! After spending a couple of nights at McAdory Vet Clinic and receiving a clean bill of health, Barbara took him to their new residence where he’ll be reunited with his pal, Kit Kat.


Reunited! 78 days later

Meet Jack … thanks to Joni Crowe, he’s now enjoying the company of his people!

Jack’s family lost their home in the April 27th tornadoes that tore through the state of Alabama. Efforts to recover their belongings were fruitless; even their furniture was never found. Although Jack was inside the house when the storms hit, everyone assumed he was dead.

Joni Crowe set up a feeding station across the street from the home, which is now a mere concrete driveway. Seventy-eight days after the tornadoes struck, there was Jack – waiting for Crowe to replenish the food and water!

“I had never even met Jack and he ran to me and started purring and meowing,” she said. “After a good meal, we called [the family] with the good news.”

First up on the agenda was a visit to the veterinarian for a check-up. The owner’s son, Jimmy, kept the news a secret from his dad. He picked Jack up from the vet, took him home, and let him out in the house where his dad was reading the newspaper.

According to Crowe, Jack walked straight over to the dad and jumped in his lap. He was so excited that he cried; he just couldn’t believe Jack was home!

The family had two more cats in addition to Jack. His sister, Kitty Kat, was found last month, but his other sister, Blackie, is yet to be found. The family is asking for prayers that she will find her way home as well.


This photo was sent to us on our Facebook page. It is a sweet story about the kindness and generosity demonstrated among strangers …

Before and After

The devastating tornadoes that hit the South on April 27th, 2011 destroyed Banjo’s owners home and most of their belongings. Banjo was found three days after the storms and she was traumatized! She still had her long winter hair, even though the temperatures were reaching near 90 degrees, and it was matted with burrs.

Banjo was taken into foster care by a family member who sought for help to get Banjo groomed so she would be more comfortable. After a request was sent out on Facebook asking for suggestions on where to take Banjo to get her the care she needed, a generous stranger offered to sponsor Banjo’s grooming needs. The check sent was enough to have Banjo bathed and clipped and to get her a flea/tick treatment. There was even enough left over to buy her a new doggie bed!

Below you will see the before picture of Banjo after the storms and the after picture when she was reunited with her grateful owner after her grooming at Summerhouse Boarding Kennels in Bridgeport, AL.

A special “Thank You” to all the angels that have played a part in Banjo’s life to help her get through this traumatic experience!

Before & After

On the morning after the 4/27 storms, this little pup was found on Walker Lane/Hwy 231-431 in Hazel Green, AL and taken to Huntsville Animal Services:

A good Samaritan named Jennifer Goodnight Lang saw her photo posted on Huntsville Animal Services’ Facebook page and decided to foster her in her home until the pup’s family was found. Jennifer and her mom took the pup to the beauty shop where she received a nice bath and a trim:

Jennifer posted signs all over the Hazel Green area and added a listing to our website. On May 13, the family was reunited with their dog:

Great job Jennifer!!!