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Reunited! 78 days later

Meet Jack … thanks to Joni Crowe, he’s now enjoying the company of his people!

Jack’s family lost their home in the April 27th tornadoes that tore through the state of Alabama. Efforts to recover their belongings were fruitless; even their furniture was never found. Although Jack was inside the house when the storms hit, everyone assumed he was dead.

Joni Crowe set up a feeding station across the street from the home, which is now a mere concrete driveway. Seventy-eight days after the tornadoes struck, there was Jack – waiting for Crowe to replenish the food and water!

“I had never even met Jack and he ran to me and started purring and meowing,” she said. “After a good meal, we called [the family] with the good news.”

First up on the agenda was a visit to the veterinarian for a check-up. The owner’s son, Jimmy, kept the news a secret from his dad. He picked Jack up from the vet, took him home, and let him out in the house where his dad was reading the newspaper.

According to Crowe, Jack walked straight over to the dad and jumped in his lap. He was so excited that he cried; he just couldn’t believe Jack was home!

The family had two more cats in addition to Jack. His sister, Kitty Kat, was found last month, but his other sister, Blackie, is yet to be found. The family is asking for prayers that she will find her way home as well.