AL Vet Info

Please call your local vet ASAP or vets in affected areas and give them our contact info so that they can send lost/found photos:

Veterinarians who are helping the animals affected by the Alabama tornados:
*If you’ve lost a pet in the storms, these are good places to look for them.


Horse Farm in Harvest area, near Anderson Hills can board displaced horses. Contact Bruce Stone 256-797-0776

Madison – Paradise Pet Resort and Spa is open and fully functional with electricity, 722-1197.

Meridianville – The Puppy Palace on 121 Shed Road in Meridianville will take in animals for those who’ve been displaced by the damage and need a place to keep their pets. Can take at least 20 dogs & cats. 256-828-6939


Mercy Animal Hospital… We would be happy to house or treat any animals in need near our area.  205-631-4432


Hueytown Veterinary Clinic
235 Forest Rd
Hueytown, AL 35023
Phone:(205) 491-3240

Moody, AL:

Crossroads Animal Hospital
1826 Carl Jones Rd
Moody, AL 35004
(205) 640-4327


Canant Veterinarian Hospital
1100 Rice Valley Road North
Tuscaloosa, AL 35406-2794
(205) 758-7295

Also, you can help by calling your local vet. Please give them our contact info so that they can send lost/found photos to best help them as well:

We are so happy to see such community support!


8 responses to “AL Vet Info

  1. My family would love to help with the animal victims. However, we are able to help on the weekends only. We are from the Mobile area but we will drive up to help. Let us know if we can help in your efforts.

  2. Priscilla Ballou

    How can people from outside the area help? Is there a central address for Paypal donations or the like? Is there a physical address where we can ship supplies?

    • Jennifer Rockett

      If you will go to the facebook page that has the same name as this site, then go to the info link on the top left, the first blue link listed is where you can send monetary donations. It has “chipin” in the web address.

  3. Crossroads Animal Hospital in Moody has taken in several storm affected animals from the Moody area. They are willing to be a drop-off point for supplies as well.

    Paws N Claws in Odenville is accepting homeowner’s insurance boarding pets, and offering half price boarding for any pets affected without homeowners insurance.

  4. Alison Potts Shirley

    Deerfoot Animal Clinic in Trussville is accepting donations of all kinds for as long as needed!!! 205-661-9630

  5. I already posted on the found list that we found a pug last Thursday on Alt-72. I found a vet in town yesterday that was willing to check for a micro chip for us for free, but wanted to charge a fortune just to do a simple check-up. t I would love to have this dog checked out by a vet and treated for anything it might need, however, we just cannot afford it right now. Does anybody know of any vets in Huntsville or Madison that may be offering free services for these misplaced babies and their foster parents?

  6. Hi! I’ve been volunteering at the Greater Bham Humane Society Lost and Found hotline, and this is the information we are collecting. Having as much of this info as possible helps us have a better chance of reuniting owner and pet. Can someone make sure that this info gets posted repeatedly here and on the Facebook page? It will make searching our call database SO much easier. ALSO please remind people to make sure and call the hotline at 205-397-8534 during business hours to report a lost or found pet EVEN IF it’s been posted here. ALSO, please report animals reunited if they have been called in either lost or found.

    We have a searchable database, so it’s very important to get all the info listed below. I did two reunions on Friday and it’s SO much easier with all the information.

    Name and Phone number (or email) where you can be reached
    Date and Day Last Seen (or Date Found) : i.e. Wed. 4/27 or Sun. 5/1
    Inside /Outside at time of storm (for lost)
    Street Name (please note if home demolished)
    Nearby Landmarks or intersections (esp important if area demolished)
    Dog or cat
    Gender (note if spayed or neutered)
    Primary Breed, Secondary breed (or type of mix)
    Primary / Secondary color
    *Distinuguishing marks / features (missing tooth, white paws, declawed, etc) – the more info you can provide, the better chance we have of recognizing a lost animal
    Approximate weight (estimate if unsure: 10lbs /under, over 10 lbs, etc, dogs – large breeds 70-100, smaller may be 25-30)
    Approximate age – vet can help with this for a found
    Is /was animal wearing a collar? Color and type (nylon/leather, etc)
    Rabies tag?? Issued by??
    ID tag?? Type (name, phone #, etc)
    Where is the animal now? (for found) or where can we reach you? (for lost)

  7. found in lake martin area during storm, female dorkey spayed, genger colored. The lade who had her was going to give her to the pound and I took her hoping to find the owner, she is a loving dog and I am sure her owner is missing her too. No collar, no chip, but has been well groomed in past. 3 to 4 yrs old, good teeth, and teeth cleaned in past as well.

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