We will never forget you …


5 responses to “RIP

  1. I hate to hear that Sarah Grace didn’t make it, did they find her at least? I have a boxer and it would just break my heart if something happened to her.

  2. This is a wonderful site to help owners who lost their loved one in the storms. A lot of people do not realize that these are just not animals they are a part of someone’s family, and they have feelings also. I hope and pray that everyone is reunited with their lost family member soon.

  3. We did not lose our 13 yr. old Yellow Lab until 5/27/11. His name is Jake and had no ID on him. He has been in our home all these years. He was last seen on or around 14th street in Pleasant Grove, Ala. If anyone has seen him we miss him so bad. There is a reward. Call 205-296-0140

  4. Becky,

    My husband saw a yellow lab traveling with a german shepherd today in our yard.. they were playing in our pond. We are in Pleasant Grove.. at the far end of 6th street( off 12th ct) in Highland Forest. I think these are the same two dogs that were spotted near Hill’s Grocery today. Unfortunately they ran off as he approached….will keep watching….

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