This page contains all “Lost Pet” listings we’ve received since 4/27.

If you or someone you know fosters after finding an animal, email us: tornadopetsofal@yahoo.com and contact your local animal control and humane society.


72 responses to “Lost

  1. If anybody is heading your way from SW Florida, I have 5 by 7 Animal trailer that you can borrow for transport. I would need it returned by June because that is why hurricane season starts here, in Ft. Myers, Fl.
    Alene Greto
    Respecting All Wildlife, Inc.
    Ft. Myers, Fl. 33916
    239-693-7747 or after 9 pm 239-464-3470
    ps: pleases have somebody post your needs on facebook.com too

  2. Deborah Toney

    My friends lost a schnouzer( don’t know if thats spelled right) It is a male and is grey and white his name is bobo and was lost in tornado that hit Alberta City in TUscaloosa AL on Cresent Lane off Cresent ridge road. If found please cont tact Debbie Toney at 205-372-4103 home or 205-886-5861 cell please if found let us know it was like thier child.. they lost everything and it would benice to find bobo for them THANK YOU ALL !!

  3. Brittany Hughes

    Lost during torando Wed. Black/shite spotted terrier mix female. 35/40 lbs. Long legs. Bama collar with vacination tag at time .Microchipped. Using Dr.Tidmore’s Vet. Spayed.
    Lived on Elm Drive. Very sweet!! Name – Lady.
    contact uncle 205 242-3963 ..( Brittany still in hospital)

  4. Michelle Davis

    UPDATE: Oreo and Mocha have been reunited with Summer and Ethan (5)! Hooray!

  5. Please everyone…if you have photos of your animals who are lost, post them. If you find an animal, please try to take a picture of it. This helps when trying to cross link the Lost and Found. I am taking it upon myself to go thru these lists, one by one on my free time. I want to make sure that all animals are reunited with their families. I am going to ask a friend to join me and if any of you who wanna help and contribute, have a little extra time and want to do the same thing..GREAT…LETS DO THIS. ❤ The animals are counting on us. I need as many eyes on this as possible. I know that people are running ragged now, emotions everywhere and I doubt very seriously that they have time to check every single thing that comes in in reference to the animals that have or have not been found. This is my way of helping for the time being. I am also trying to get volunteers together in Fla. and make a trip and help out. If every one..picked one animal on the lost and cross referenced it with the found…who knows…maybe we can link a few up and let the tears flow for these owners who are desperately looking for there loved furry friends and life time companions. Again, if you have pictures, please post. If you find an animal, have it checked to see if it has a chip. Get contacts for vets who are open, call and check to see if they have had any animals brought in for treatment. Check known shelters to be housing animals till they can find their owners. Use facebook!!! You never know. Post on Facebook, you will be surprised at who will see it but most of all..NEVER GIVE UP!!!! Leave something personal where your home is or used to be, alot of tmes they will come back to the scent. Remember..they are scared.Please give as much information when reporting these animals also. This will help others who are looking at the lists be able to pair them up hopefully.

    • might sound gross but if you urinate where your house is or used to be, the animal knows that scent and it will carry a ways. hope this helps.

  6. Annie Rutledge

    Hello our dog Master got out our fence during the storm he is an Austrailian Shepherd brown with black and white spots about three years old…He is a friendly dog and trained…My 5 year old son is devastated…please contact me at 2052460176…my name is Annie…Pictures lost during the storm…please return if found.

    • Have you checked the Greater Birmingham Humane Society? Check there also, they have dogs and cats there. Keep looking, he will show up. Also, keep looking on this sight, I know its easy sometimes to give up, but you just never know..Comb the area..which im sure you are. Post signs if possible. Give good details of him. Where you lived etc. Keep checking that area..alot of times they will come back.. I will pray for you and the return of your companion. I will look as well, I have friends in the area that were affected, I ccan ask them. Can you give me more info. such as his body build, fat, skinny, muscular, paticular markings..any on his paws, his stomach. What exact area was the dog last seen? Please email me and let me know. I will do what i can. I will continue to check the internet so you can search. My name is michelle mullins and i live in Florida.

    • You didnt state what part of the state you were in, but there is a beautiful, happy, brown and white aussie on the Found page. Found in Tuscaloosa. Check out the page and see if it is your baby. Good luck!

      • DID U FIND YOUR DOG??? saw one on fb —brown and white???? plz let me know–i have been trying to cross reference dogs—-thank u!

    • Did you look here? Theres one on this site that matches description.

  7. You might want to check.. If LuLu is Shannon Walkers white boxer I am pretty sure that she has been found and reunited according to posts.. thanks.. dont want folks looking for her if she is home.. saves time for others

  8. Carrie Mackay

    FOUND: Pleasant Grove, AL: Black Male with white heels. Heather Flaherty (facebook)
    Lost in Pleasant Grove: 4 month old Great Dane, his name is Zuse. He is black with a white patch on his chest, also his left paw is slightly bigger than his right.

  9. looking for a boxer mix with the name princess on her collar. Missing from the holt area in Tuscaloosa. Please email me if you have any info ahm3horses@aol.com

    • I found a dog in Jasper matching this description. I sent some pictures to your email. Call me at 205-522-1362.

  10. Britney Gardiner

    ECHO missing! African Grey Parrot – (Grey with Red Tail) lost in Madison, AL(Huntsville area). Missing from home located between Slaughter & Nance. Last contact: A gentleman saw/heard her, but she flew when he approached on Saturday. If sighted please call: 256-830-9115 or 205-391-7993. Or email: indiansummerpups@gmail.com

    • Lisa Weathers

      Found my “ECHO” today!!! (My African Gray who was lost in tornado in Madison, AL) Thank you to all who helped spread the word and look for her. She has obviously lost some weight but otherwise vetted good. SO HAPPY!

      Thanks again,

  11. FYI: there is a lady on Kenne drive in holt she lives in east park down by Soma church, shes the 3rd or 4th house on left, she has several cats and dogs shes taking care of from storm.

  12. Bonnie Harrison

    My son lives in Southeast Huntsville and his home was partially destroyed last Wednesday evening by a large tree. Since then, his cat Noodle has been missing. He is light tan with blue eyes and grey tipped ears. He is declawed on front and because he is a house only cat, does not have on a collar.

  13. I have found a young, gender unknown, injured siamease cat near the Kirtzland subdivision in the Hillsboro community; (Penny Rock Crusher area) of Alabama that was blown into a woman’s yard by the tornado. I have taken it to a vet to be treated and the prognosis is not good due to a blow to its head. I took it home and I have been loving, holding and doing everything that I can to let it know that it is safe and loved. It is a light cream colored, dark ears, paws and tail and blue eyes; does not have a collar and has not been declawed. My number is 256-410-3456

  14. sandy clements

    i live in harvest on wales dr our house was destroyed lost my cat her name is isabel shes small gray very pointed ears no tail at all. when she was only about 6 weeks old she showed up at my door bleeding someone had just cut her tail off i took her in she never wonders far from home, but she was in our bathroom when the tornado hit and was sucked out she could be wondering around lost scared and trying to get home. if anyone sees her or finds her please leave me a message, she wont answer to her name, shes very precious to me please keep an eye out for her.

  15. Erin Crossposter

    TUSCALOOSA MISSING FAMILY DOG: By Amanda Auburn York Adair A friend of mine asked me to post this: This is my friend mary’s dog. His name is BROTHER – went missing in Tuscaloosa after last nights storms. Alberta city area. contact 205-914-1458

    I believe under the picture of Brother post on Animals Lost and Found`facebook page it says he was reunited with his family 🙂

  16. Lost during tornado/ large male golden retreiver on Elm Drive in holt, his name is Bud, he has on a brown leather collar, no name,hes my grandparents dog, they really miss him. Please contact me if you see him
    205-826-8366. Thank you

    • Carrie Mackay

      there’s a retriever listed in found:
      RAINSVILLE, AL: Dog found in Rainsville area. Golden retriever. 256-717-9305 ask for Michelle
      maybe it’s yours?

    • was in walker co today 5-15 they have a male golden at the a fema dog rescue
      if i could see a picture of your dog i could tell you if it was him looked to weigh appox 55lbs

  17. thank you, but its not him

  18. We found an Australian Shepherd puppy in Morris after the storms. Does anyone know of someone missing one?

    • Hi Suzanne:) Do you have a contact number? And what color is your found pup? There are people looking for Australian Shepherds..maybe you can help find it’s home… oh, male or female also:) Thanks for helping Suzanne!

  19. Hey I live down in the Eclectic area that got hit by the tornado. I am not missing any pets but was wondering if there is anything that I can do to help from my end down here? I am a BIG animal lover and want to help people find their furry kids/friends. Can’t drive up that way as I have small kids, but if yall need help with pictures, or anything similar that I can do over the phone or computer then please contact me and let me know! My email is bama_mama_2@yahoo.com or my cell is 334-424-2293.

  20. rhonda breidenbach

    My family all survived the april 27 tornado that destroyed our home in ohatchee,Alabama…but we have not been able to find our solid white,pink nosed,hazel eyed,female cat.she was an indoor cat,her name is Holly Bell…please let me know if you find her or have seen her…we all miss her very much,especially our daughter..you can contact me @256-452-7058

  21. Found my “ECHO” today!!! (My African Gray who was lost in tornado in Madison, AL) Thank you to all who helped spread the word and look for her. She has obviously lost some weight but otherwise vetted good. SO HAPPY!

    Thanks again,

  22. My husband and I found a female white siberian husky (maybe part wolf too?) that had a collar on 5/16 in the Gardendale/Mt. Olive area. We took her to the Birmingham Animal Rescue on Snow Drive in Homewood. We hope we’ve helped someone

  23. A male boxer just showed up at our house. I don’t know if he is lost from the tornadoes or just lost. He is is pretty good shape to have been lost for 3 weeks. Please call to identify. 423-802-9100

  24. ear’s owners have not been located. He needs a foster family asap!
    I am told he is a Nova Scotia Duck Trolling Retriever. (Looks like an Aussie mix to me ;o) ). He is young, friendly, playful and has shown no aggression to either humans or other pups. He has not been exposed to cats so I can not say how he feels about them.
    If you are interested in fostering this handsome guy until his family can be found and/or possibly adopting him IF they are not located, please contact eriknpaula@gmail.com
    Thank you!!

  25. The male boxer that I previously posted had left our area is back. I had a response from someone named Pam who said there was someone in the Dearman Henagar area looking for a dog with similar descripton. There isn’t a Dearman Henagar area nor a Dearman Rd. in Henagar. If Pam sees this could you please respond?

    • Ann, I think they meant DeArmanville, which is in Calhoun County east of Anniston/Oxford. There was a male boxer missing from there and there is a picture in the Lost file, I believe.

  26. While checking on the feeders I set out for the lost dog I am trying to catch, I spotted a lost white short hair cat nibbling on the food… so if anyone in the Cahaba Heights area is missing a WHITE, SHORT HAIR, CAT, he/she was spotted near the cell tower at the soccer field in Cahaba Heights.

  27. Found black lab female around one year old at shrine in Hanceville! Very sweet and appears to have had puppies, I am still missing blue Merle Aussie with medical problems and he was last seen on Mulberry River

  28. Found in the MT.OLIVE FIRE DISTRICT on 5/31/2011. Male dog, brown with black brindle markings and a white chest. He is very sweet and gets along with other animals. He is kind of tall and gangly, still a pup. We can’t keep him sadly. Someone please help.

  29. Elizabeth Dockery

    I didnt loose no animals in the tornado but my sister n law did shes missing 2 dogs one named nipper and the other named pumpkin. Nipper is a pit mix she was white with black and tan spots looked like a little cow and pumpkin was a chinuawawa he was all tan very little . She hasn’t found them yet and doesnt have anyway to get online so please if u find them pls call me at 205)339-2481 thank you and god bless T- Town

  30. Found female German Shepard. Seems to be a purebred, around 3-5 yrs old. No collar. Found around railroad tracks in Tarrant (over the hill from where Fultondale got hit by tornado). Very scared and hungry.

  31. we have an older black lab, female, gray muzzle, at least mid thigh level and 70-80 lbs. has full ears,tail,dew claws. Has had puppies..she’s got a pretty saggy underside. She is fine with other animals,in car and people. we found her at the pilot truck stop in wildwood, georgia around mothers day. She didnt have any injuries but was really dirty and covered in ticks. Was hesitant to come in the house or use a leash. LOVES to run the property and chase off the deer and coons. No collar or tags. But she had no problem putting a collar on. we’d love to keep her but she’s not in our lease. Weve been on site after site trying to find her family as well as vets offices and shelters. Please help us find her people. she needs a forever home…even though she is a WONDERFUL companion.

  32. My dog cody is still missing…he is a black/lab/pit mix…he has white patch on chin and chest area…has white on top of paws…he was wearing a blue collar,he had a bald patch on his belly from his chewing gum accident.he is close to a year old,,he is very smart….luvs to run….and tease you with his toys…missin from 10/11th ave area in tuscaloosa…..was seen n black mid size suv,, driven by possible U of A students….if u have any info contact me at…signya6miLife@yahoo.com..i posted pics at tornadopetsofal@yahoo.com

  33. Andrea Mattson

    Callie…on this page…from Pleasant Grove was found…can it be moved to the “reunited” page?

  34. please we are desperate to find our well loved dog named “shorty” he is a shitzu a really coldhearted person let him out from our home 3wks ago he is a therapudic pet to a young lady thats 19yrs old but she has downs syndrome and dont understand why hes gone she cries uncontrollably and doesnt sleep well he would comfort her he is located in springville,al on pine mountain rd he is a skidish shy dog and more scared of you he has never bit anyone food may get him close enough to catch him contact me at 205 529-3253 im teresa i have nothing to offer as a reward but a big thank you for helping a very confused upset young lady god bless

  35. Has anyone lost a parrot? I live in Concord and have a friend that was out on his porch a couple of days ago and a parrot flew and landed on his shoulder, Very Tame. If so Email me at janwaldron@aol.com or hit me on facebook


  36. I have seen a dog in the woods behind my house that looks like a boxer mix. it runs when i try to get close to it. from what little i have seen of it it is solid brown with a red collar. it is a bit smaller than a full blooded boxer. i believe it might belong to someone in pleasant grove because i live in concord but if i were to walk straight thru the woods in my back yard i would be at the Fan Road area in Pleasant Grove.

    u can contact me at jlchristolear@gmail.com

  37. FOUND: PARROT. Could have been missing for several months now. It is in good hands, I am providing foster care until I can locate owner. Previous owner must know breed, leg band number, sex, age or part of parrot’s vocabulary. Call 423-506-9621 Please do not call just to tell me you want the parrot. I will provide it a home if I cannot locate owner but would like to reunite it with the owner.

  38. Looking for photo of a man hugging his dog after finding his dog in the rubble of the house. Photo was in Chicago Sun Times newspaper. I thonk man’s last name was Cook

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