There are so many people that make these reunited stories happen. Here’s a little bit about our efforts in the news:

Seven Ways to Help Tornado Victims

Alabama tornado relief: How you can help /Alabama possible from the alabama poverty project

201 Tornadoes on April 27, 2011, and the Recovery Continues. Recent statistics on the tornado outbreak of April 27, 2011 are shocking, but recovery efforts show that there are many ways to help in a disaster.

After Alabama tornadoes, kindness helps pets find home. John Archibald — The Birmingham News The Birmingham News

Groups help tornado victims find missing pet. Hundreds of animals have been displaced from their families after last week’s devastating tornadoes. Now some local people are trying to help out.

Teams still combing tornado ruins for lost pets More than two weeks after twisters shattered the South, stray animals being rounded up in most heavily damaged areas. CBS News

Facebook friends help lost pets find their way home in Alabama The Animal Rescue Site

Alabama’s Monster tornadoes leave untold number of animal victims in it’s wake  Continue reading on Alabama’s Monster tornadoes leave untold number of animal victims in it’s wake – Mobile Animal Welfare and Protection |

Temporary Orphans of the Storm  Through social media and some hands-on determination, animal welfare advocates are working to reunite pets displaced by April’s tornadoes with their families.

Update on pets and owners seperated by the storms GA

Pets Displaced by Tornadoes Await Reunions. Survivors of storms that devastated the South visit shelters in search of their lost animals.


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