Jefferson Co.

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6 responses to “Jefferson Co.

  1. Brenda McClure

    My friend Terrie Wheat posted a couple of pics of my 2 missing cats on this site just after the tornadoes. We have been lucky to find one of them, and I didn’t know how to let you all know that she has been found. The # that is listed below her pic, and info is 1273653579 it should match up to a calico cat from Pleasant Grove. Just wanted to let you know that this one has been reunited with her family. In the beginning we had 3 cats indoors, and 2 has been found. We are still missing 1, and hoping, and praying that we will still find her. She is an amputee with only 3 legs. One of her hind legs is missing. Her primary color is white, with calico markings on her head, and hind area. Her tail has not been meantioned but it is calico colored as well. She answers to Bailey.

  2. We have lost our sweet Busta. He is a black and tan beagle mix. He is medium build, brown eyes, black on back with floppy ears. He is great with kids and very sweet. He was lost in the leeds/ Moody area. Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. My little girl misses him so much.

  3. Rebecca Smith

    I found a blackand white Rat Terrier on Cherry Ave three weeks ago. He is housebroken ‘crate trained and loves to sleep on my bed. He had to be someone inside dog . I put him on every site for lost dogs ,no replys.I would love to keep him but my Father died and left me his dogs and with five of my own I cna not keep him. I live off of Cherry Ave Please email I hope to get him. He is so sweet and funny. I t will be hard to let him go.

  4. Barbara R Miller

    Lost my cat, Trouble, on night of tornado, April 27,2011. I lived on 10th Avenue Pleasant Grove. He is neutered, coloring is Tabby color around left side of face, and a Patch on back. He is mostly white and is very friendly. If I can’t find him, I hope if you do, you will treat him well. He slept in a dog bed with my two small dogs and cleaned their faces and ears every night. I was lucky enough to find his cat brother, KitKat three weeks later under the floor of my house. There is nothing left in my neighborhood for them to hide except a house on the corner of 10th Ave and 8th Street. Please help return my baby. I was unable to find a picture of him because of the destruction. Also, he has a strip running up his tail like a raccoon. Please help me as my heart is breaking.

    • donna lightsey

      @Barbara Miller: I live on 10th St. in PG. When walking at night I notice cats come out. If you can, come out in late evenings and look under any basements or abandoned houses. Its cool under there and the cats stay in during the day and come out in evenings/night when its not so hot. I have seen a white cat w/yell. head, small, but I think this cat has no tail. Its always early am when I see it. good luck… D. Lightsey

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