This photo was sent to us on our Facebook page. It is a sweet story about the kindness and generosity demonstrated among strangers …

Before and After

The devastating tornadoes that hit the South on April 27th, 2011 destroyed Banjo’s owners home and most of their belongings. Banjo was found three days after the storms and she was traumatized! She still had her long winter hair, even though the temperatures were reaching near 90 degrees, and it was matted with burrs.

Banjo was taken into foster care by a family member who sought for help to get Banjo groomed so she would be more comfortable. After a request was sent out on Facebook asking for suggestions on where to take Banjo to get her the care she needed, a generous stranger offered to sponsor Banjo’s grooming needs. The check sent was enough to have Banjo bathed and clipped and to get her a flea/tick treatment. There was even enough left over to buy her a new doggie bed!

Below you will see the before picture of Banjo after the storms and the after picture when she was reunited with her grateful owner after her grooming at Summerhouse Boarding Kennels in Bridgeport, AL.

A special “Thank You” to all the angels that have played a part in Banjo’s life to help her get through this traumatic experience!


2 responses to “Banjo!

  1. What a sweetheart! I’m so glad that Banjo survived, and she will make her owner’s life happier by her delightful presence!

  2. much love… that is miraculous et real love…

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