Kitty returns home 92 days after the 4/27 tornadoes!

Barbara Miller lost everything she had during the 4/27 tornado that swept through Pleasant Grove, AL. Imagine her excitement, then, to be reunited with both of her cats!

Kit Kat, a grey/blue kitty, was found a few days after the tornado, but “Trouble” was, well … a bit more difficult to find. He was first sighted over a month after the tornado but it -understandably- took some time to gain his trust. With the help of Joni Crowe, who has been faithfully setting up feeding stations for pets in the Pleasant Grove area, Trouble the kitty was captured in a humane trap a full 92 days after the tornado!

Trouble’s first stop? To the vet, of course! After spending a couple of nights at McAdory Vet Clinic and receiving a clean bill of health, Barbara took him to their new residence where he’ll be reunited with his pal, Kit Kat.


4 responses to “Kitty returns home 92 days after the 4/27 tornadoes!

  1. Thank God for these dedicated animal lovers. Barbara Miller is a special friend of mine, and I know how much she loves all her “babies”. I was so excited when she called to tell me she had reunited with Trouble. I appreciate all the time the volunteers have spent looking for and caring for all the displaced pets. Thank you very much.

  2. Hi Betty, Thanks so much for dropping us a line! We were so excited to hear about this reunion and Barbara must be so happy to be with Trouble again.

  3. Spoil him really good now Barbara…he has been out in that heat for way too you all!

  4. what a sweet story! God was really taking care of this special cat! What a nice happy ending we need more of these kind of stories!

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