Before & After

On the morning after the 4/27 storms, this little pup was found on Walker Lane/Hwy 231-431 in Hazel Green, AL and taken to Huntsville Animal Services:

A good Samaritan named Jennifer Goodnight Lang saw her photo posted on Huntsville Animal Services’ Facebook page and decided to foster her in her home until the pup’s family was found. Jennifer and her mom took the pup to the beauty shop where she received a nice bath and a trim:

Jennifer posted signs all over the Hazel Green area and added a listing to our website. On May 13, the family was reunited with their dog:

Great job Jennifer!!!


2 responses to “Before & After

  1. Makes my heart happy to hear about all the reunions and help people are giving to these animals!! I sure don’t have the room to bring the all home:))

  2. Congratulations! They need each other more than ever now. Focusing on the important makes the disaster easier to live through.

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