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FOUND in Chilton County

This poodle is in need of help:

First, we’d like to find out whether he has a family who is missing him. He has likely been on his own quite some time … possibly even since the 4/27 tornadoes.

The woman who rescued him cannot keep him, so he will need a temporary foster while waiting for his family to find him.

If the original owners cannot be found, he will need a good, loving, permanent home.

To help this sweet pup, contact Saxon Collins at: saxoncollins@gmail.com

Little Man, a 10 pound intact male, was found Wednesday night, March 7 in northern Chilton County, AL in Saxon Collins’ driveway. According to Saxon, this pup would have had to traverse acres of forest and pasture land in order to approach her house.

She continues to tell us that …

He had long nettles, sharp briars, and rank feces embedded in his hopelessly matted coat. I could not see his eyes or nose, nor even determine whether he had a tail. He only hesitated briefly when I knelt to call him to me, but he permitted me to remove what nettles I could and to crate him. After eagerly eating dried dog food, he slept soundly for the night. I took him to the vet I use the next morning, who estimated his age at 10+ years and reported to me the following general exam results:
– no fleas or ticks (they had to shave the poor fella)
– no heart worms, but presence of an intestinal worm for which he was treated
– cataracts
– arthritis, mostly in the hind quarters

He has been at the clinic since Thursday morning for eval/treatment and to allow me time to look for the owners. I feel that he must have been a frequently handled/socialized pet for him to be so accepting of his current treatment. I also wonder if he had been on flea/tick and heartworm prophylactics to have tested negative for these when he had obviously been exposed to the parasites for a good while. I guess the intestinal worms may have been due to his wilderness diet. He has been as good as gold at the clinic: very calm and quiet.

I believe he has quality years remaining, but I have absolutely nowhere to take him. I have asked friends, family, co-workers, and small-breed rescue shelters. I asked my vet about the Humane Society, but he felt they would likely euthanize the little fella in short order.

I own two dogs, one of those being a rescued dog from an abusive home. I work days, so my mom babysits the two, and I just can’t add to the menagerie.
If you will not take the little guy, please tell me other options, as in names and numbers of places to call. I don’t mind making a day trip to drive him to a good shelter. I obviously can’t set him free on the streets, and I dont want him to be euthanized if he can have a quality life, but the funds to board him are limited, too.

If you can help, please contact Saxon Collins at:


The kindness of strangers

We love happy endings! Great job, Carrie and Brittney and everyone who helped spread the story about Chance.

On January 1, we received a post on our Facebook page from Carrie Wallace Evans and Brittney Sumners stating that there was a very malnourished dog living on the side of a road in Sylacauga, AL who could barely walk and possibly had mange. The two women did not know this dog but immediately felt sympathy for him and wanted to help.

In their words, “He is so timid and sweet. We decided we wanted to give him a meaningful name; so, we decided to name him Chance. This is because we want to give Chance a Second Chance at Life. He has not known the good in life, and neither of us had the heart to allow them to put him to sleep.”

The next day, they were able to catch the dog and take him to a veterinarian who said Chance was likely a full blooded Germain Shepard. He had dermatitis mange, a bacterial infection, and severe malnutrition. The good news was that his heartworm test indicated he was negative.

Over the next several days, Chance began eating three times a day and having regular bowel movements. His main problem, however, was his skin, which the vet determined to be a chronic but manageable issue. After a series of baths, his skin is showing signs of improvement.

After a couple of days at the vet, Carrie and Brittney noticed he began greeting them when they came to visit and there was even a little wag in his tail! Eventually, he also began to bark some.

On January 16, we learned that Chance will soon begin his journey to Odessa, FL where he will be taken in by “On the Wings of Angels” rescue and cared for until he finds a forever home.

In Carrie’s and Brittney’s original words when Chance was found, “HE DESERVES TO KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE LOVED.” And, to us, it looks like he’s already experiencing that! Good luck Chance!!!


This photo was sent to us on our Facebook page. It is a sweet story about the kindness and generosity demonstrated among strangers …

Before and After

The devastating tornadoes that hit the South on April 27th, 2011 destroyed Banjo’s owners home and most of their belongings. Banjo was found three days after the storms and she was traumatized! She still had her long winter hair, even though the temperatures were reaching near 90 degrees, and it was matted with burrs.

Banjo was taken into foster care by a family member who sought for help to get Banjo groomed so she would be more comfortable. After a request was sent out on Facebook asking for suggestions on where to take Banjo to get her the care she needed, a generous stranger offered to sponsor Banjo’s grooming needs. The check sent was enough to have Banjo bathed and clipped and to get her a flea/tick treatment. There was even enough left over to buy her a new doggie bed!

Below you will see the before picture of Banjo after the storms and the after picture when she was reunited with her grateful owner after her grooming at Summerhouse Boarding Kennels in Bridgeport, AL.

A special “Thank You” to all the angels that have played a part in Banjo’s life to help her get through this traumatic experience!