The kindness of strangers

We love happy endings! Great job, Carrie and Brittney and everyone who helped spread the story about Chance.

On January 1, we received a post on our Facebook page from Carrie Wallace Evans and Brittney Sumners stating that there was a very malnourished dog living on the side of a road in Sylacauga, AL who could barely walk and possibly had mange. The two women did not know this dog but immediately felt sympathy for him and wanted to help.

In their words, “He is so timid and sweet. We decided we wanted to give him a meaningful name; so, we decided to name him Chance. This is because we want to give Chance a Second Chance at Life. He has not known the good in life, and neither of us had the heart to allow them to put him to sleep.”

The next day, they were able to catch the dog and take him to a veterinarian who said Chance was likely a full blooded Germain Shepard. He had dermatitis mange, a bacterial infection, and severe malnutrition. The good news was that his heartworm test indicated he was negative.

Over the next several days, Chance began eating three times a day and having regular bowel movements. His main problem, however, was his skin, which the vet determined to be a chronic but manageable issue. After a series of baths, his skin is showing signs of improvement.

After a couple of days at the vet, Carrie and Brittney noticed he began greeting them when they came to visit and there was even a little wag in his tail! Eventually, he also began to bark some.

On January 16, we learned that Chance will soon begin his journey to Odessa, FL where he will be taken in by “On the Wings of Angels” rescue and cared for until he finds a forever home.

In Carrie’s and Brittney’s original words when Chance was found, “HE DESERVES TO KNOW WHAT IT IS LIKE TO BE LOVED.” And, to us, it looks like he’s already experiencing that! Good luck Chance!!!


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