Update on Sawyer


We have an update on Sawyer, the fluffy white pup who was lost in the aftermath of the 4/27 tornado that charged through Tuscaloosa.

His owner, Paul, was recently released from the hospital and is continuing to recover as an outpatient, receiving physical therapy. The family believes that being reunited with Sawyer helped him immensely, as they have literally never been apart for longer than a few hours.

When Sawyer was found, it was evident that he had lost some weight. He also needed grooming. Sawyer is doing very well now!

Sawyer and his owner Paul were separated following the 4/27 tornado in Tuscaloosa. Paul was severely injured and thus could not search for his dog, so a family member in New Zealand logged onto her computer and set out to locate Sawyer. Almost 3 weeks later, Sawyer was found by an Alabama State Trooper 130 miles south of Tuscaloosa!


10 responses to “Update on Sawyer

  1. Wow!!! That’s awesome.

  2. I am so happy to hear that they were reunited. I can not imagine the pain that Paul felt being separated from his Sawyer.

  3. This shows how important our canine and feline companions are to us. So glad they have been reunited…Sawyer will help speed Paul’s recovery.

  4. How wonderful!! I can imagine the pain that was felt. Happy that they have been reunited. Our furry friends are with us for a short time but the love they give us and teach us is so important. I pray for more great reunions and a speedy recovery for Paul.

  5. Wow..that is wonderful. What a heartwarming story and I hope there are many more to follow.

  6. Wow!!! What a wonderful effort on everyone’s part to locate Sawyer!!! Kudos to all involved in this heart warming story! The love of a dog is the best love of all!

  7. Great to hear!! What a small world – it’s incredible that a relative from NEW ZEALAND was who got on the computer/internet and was probably the reason Paul & Sawyer were reunited!

  8. 130 miles away!!!????
    Wow. great work, the person who put forth the effort to locate him is a true blue friend!

  9. May I say job well done by all assisting in the seach!!!! Kudo to the officer who continued to search, someone who went over and above his call of duty to find this baby!!! That officer deserves an award!!! You can tell by his efforts that he too is a animal lover……..

  10. sandra edwards

    Such a wonderful story,,makes my heart so happy! WOW 130 miles away from his family,,this shows for a fact that search’s have to be done way past the comforts of home,,there’s no telling where these babies are and waiting for their families to find them. Yah Sawyer!

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