Just after the 4/27 tornadoes, this girl was found in Alberta City, AL.


Her owner was found rather quickly, but announced that he did not want her back. Instead, he wanted a German shepherd.

Thanks to the diligent work of several rescuers, this pup, who they named Allie, now has a brand new home with a family that loves her!


3 responses to “REUNITED but …

  1. That is so sad. After all this dog has gone through, her owner did not want her. I hope he does not ever get another dog. I am sure she was not properly taken care of when in her previous owners care. I am happy she has found a good home. I don’t know how human beings can be so unloving towards such a trusting animal.

  2. If this dog could talk I bet she would say that she wanted a human that showed more loyalty. Sometimes someone gets what he deserves and if this owner’s house was blown away, perhaps it was poetic justice!!

  3. She needs another home

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