How you can help

Please fax or print & take to any and all vet clinic in all affected Alabama areas.

Without you, some animals may never find their owners…their pet may be the only thing they have left.


Attention AL Vet Clinics, Individuals, Rescues:

This message is for each and every person, organization or business who has found and is fostering a pet displaced by the tornadoes. It is imperative that everyone document the animal in your care and provide accurate contact information so that owners may be reunited effectively. Please take the following steps to ensure this:

ALL counties affected please email:

Tuscaloosa and Jefferson County only:

call the hotline (do not leave voicemail) 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. 205-397-8534

And most importantly, because the active social media community here is reuniting pets very effectively, please visit and share:

We want to help YOU! Let us know what your immediate needs are. We have food and supplies standing by to transport to you.

Members of ALTornadoAnimals


2 responses to “How you can help

  1. Found Male Black Large Lab Mixed wearing a red collar. He found me after the toronado on 4/27/11 @ Fann Road/11th Avenue. May be older dog. Big Chocolate Chip brown eyes.

  2. We are going to start tweeting all of your posts, if that’s ok. If there is some other way to help with our website or twitter, please, please let us know.

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