It’s working!!

SUCCESS (via Bobbi Yarbrough Lee) 2 dogs were reunited with their owner after someone from Connecticut put together a lost notice and a found notice on Photos of Animals Lost & Found from the Tornadoes in Alabama on 4/27/11. This is so reminiscent of Katrina. Hopefully people with time and internet access will keep doing this. “Two male dogs found in Homewood, AL this morning. Both neutered, but do not have collars.”

There is hope for all those owners and pets to find each other if we all work together. Please share this blog & facebook page with anyone that has the time & internet access to do so.

This is YOUR page. It belongs to everyone affected in AL and those out of area willing to spread the word…we must all use our skills and voice to assist. It’s not always donations that help the most. Don’t be afraid to make phone calls or send emails to vet clinics out of your area. So many want to foster but this may not be a reality for some time. Make those phone calls, share the blog posts…YOU can do this!


2 responses to “It’s working!!

  1. Word from Mon Dye area in Phil Campbell is that animals are being sheltered with neighbors. They dont have power or internet yet, so I don’t expect posts for a while. But those looking to help might consider donating pet food – including feed for horses n cattle.


    It is NOT enough to simply post on a website that your pet is lost, or that you found a pet. After posting, then you MUST search and scan through ALL the other posts on ALL the websites to see if anyone has already posted about finding/losing the same pet that you are posting about. Simply making a post on a website does NOT reunite pets with owners. A human being must read all the posts in order to make the connection happen. So please, after you post your lost/found pet on every appropriate website (and there are SEVERAL lost/found sites active right now), then go through and read every single post looking for the corresponding found/lost post that may be the match you’re looking for. Lastly, when you do reunite the animal with the owner, go back through and delete all of your posts so the websites stay uncluttered so others have fewer posts to read when trying to find their pets.

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