I found a dog or cat. What do I do?
Send a photo to: tornadopetsofal@yahoo.com Please include: city, county, contact info, male or female.

Contact local shelters and the local newspaper. Take the animal to be scanned for a microchip at a local vet or shelter. BE SURE to transport the animal in a crate or double-leashed.

I lost a dog or cat. What can I do?
Send a photo to: tornadopetsofal@yahoo.com Please include: city, county, contact info, male or female.

Don’t have a photo? Check with family members who may have taken photos while visiting. Contact local shelters and the local newspaper. Post sign up near where the animal was lost, even if you can only hand write a description.


 Lost Pet Helpful Tips

Contact the following:

  1. Alabama Pet Registry  205-969-2241
  2. Your veterinarian
  3. Your neighbors

Search Tips and Tactics:

  • Search the surrounding areas each morning and again at dusk (very important as your pet may be too scared to venture out during the bustle of the day)
  • Place an ad in the lost and found section of the newspaper and fliers throughout the neighborhood and surrounding areas.
  • Put the following information on all flyers, notices, and ads: breed, color, sex, age, date lost, your name, and two phone numbers. (Add a picture if at all possible!)
  • Ask Postal Workers and children in the neighborhood during your searches.
  • Postal Workers are always aware of loose dogs. Children are usually very observant and enjoy being helpful.
  • Contact veterinarians and animal clinics in your area.
  • Be sure to visit Animal Control Facilities immediately, personally, and often!

Also provide the following details to your vet and vets in the surrounding area(s) where your pet was lost:

  • Pet Species
  • Date Lost/Found
  • Breed(s)
  • Color/Markings (including any distinguishing features)
  • Gender
  • Spay/Neuter Status
  • Age
  • Collar (color, type, & attached tags)
  • Pet’s Name
  • Microchipped?
  • List any other forms of identification
  • Any other information that would differentiate this pet from any others
  • Contact Name for pet
  • At least two contact phone numbers, including number type (i.e. cell, home, work)
  • Area of Town and Zip Code where lost/found
  • If lost, exactly where the pet was last seen & circumstances surrounding pets disappearance

Animal Control and/or Animal Shelters

Alabaster 205-664-6761

Bessemer 205-426-5586

Birmingham 205-591-6522

Calera 205-668-3500

Cleveland 205-625-6026

Columbiana 205-669-3916

Homewood 205-332-6842

Hoover 205-444-7760

Jasper 205-221-6294

Montevallo 205-665-2555

Mountain Brook 205-879-0486

Pelham 205-663-3901

Tuscaloosa 205-752-9101

Vestavia Hills 205-978-0151

County Animal Control Agencies

Blount County 205-625-6026

Jefferson County 205-591-6522

Saint Clair County 205-814-1567

Shelby County 205-669-8766

Tuscaloosa County 205-752-9101

Walker County 205-221-6294

Post online with

Alabama Pet Registry HERE

A helpful tip to keep in mind from GBHS.org

Warning! Sometimes unfriendly citizens use these types of websites to prey on people. GBHS urges you to use caution if you are contacted by someone claiming to have found your pet and asks you for a reward in exchange for the animal. This is a common con and should be reported to your local law enforcement.



6 responses to “

  1. Our thoughts go out to the animals and their hu-families. We have shared this info on our Facebook page.

  2. For JEFFERSON COUNTY animals lost or found, the hotline is 205-397-8534

  3. What can people in other States do? I feel so helpless here in California.

    • call rural AL vet clinics and give them our email address. we will post photos/info of any animal they find in affected areas. will be posting a list of clinic asap. thank you so much for your kindness!

  4. Judy Martin Trexler

    What about Hillsboro Alabama,(Lawrence County). I have tried to get my sister’s missing dog on your website with NO success. 6 of her 7 are accounted for. Booger is still missing. Patricia lost everything. As each dog (her babies) are found she gets a re-newed air of hope. Please help us find Booger. Also, we will foster any lost dog until their owners are found. Any that are up to25 lbs. Given the size of our home location and the number of pets we already have; 25 lbs. has to be our limit. 229-588-0134. JUDY TREXLER

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